Procedure for applications for financial assistance from the IPC Fund

Limited International Phycological Congress (IPC) funds are available to assist colleagues in attending Congresses to share their research results with the international phycological community.  The funds are provided to cover the costs of registration and/or accommodation, but not to cover the costs of travel. A prerequisite for receiving support is that the person supported should present a paper or a poster.  A three-member selection committee, recommended by IPC10 conveners and approved by the IOC Chair and the IPS President, has been established to receive and evaluate applications for financial support. The Selection Committee has devised a simple 1-page application form to be sent out to all persons requesting financial assistance.

  • To apply for this financial assistance, delegates should submit the application form available via the IPS website ( or from the Congress Co-Convener: Akshinthala K.S.K. Prasad (
  • All applicants must submit to the Selection Committee: a) a brief curriculum vitae (maximum 2 A-4 pages) plus a complete list of publications and previous conference presentations, b) a completed application form including a short paragraph stating what benefit they expect to gain from attending the conference, c) official verification of their student or employment status (if relevant) signed by the Head of their Department or Institute.
  •  In order to be eligible to receive financial support, applicants should fall into at least one of the following categories:
  • A post-graduate student in years 2-4 of their PhD  
  • An academic within 3 years of their first appointment,  
  • A delegate from a country with severe economic difficulties such as a very weak local currency, or great difficulties in obtaining foreign currency, or other criteria essentially demonstrating economic disadvantage. 
  • Economic considerations will be subject to appraisal at the time, by the selection committee in consultation with the IOC Chairperson and the IPS President.
  • If not currently enrolled in the IPS, Student (US$ 35.00/year) or Regular (US$ 65.00) Membership of IPS is encouraged.  For details, please contact Jeff Mercer ( or Fred Gurgel  (


The absolute deadline for submitting duly completed application forms for IPC Fund financial assistance is 28 February 2013. Late applications will not be accepted.

When the Selection Committee has finalized the names and categories of proposed recipients, the list will be sent to John Beardall PhD, IOC Chairperson and G. C. Zuccarello PhD, IPS President, for ratification.  Successful applicants will be notified not later than 31 March, 2013.